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We Specialized in Christian VIP Tours to Israel

Beautiful one day, pure the next

Exceptional VIP Tours To Private, Family & Groups 


When only the highest standard of service, accommodation and travel will do, our VIP Tour Package provides the complete solution.

We understand how valuable your time is, which is why our itineraries are carefully scheduled to ensure we maximize your time in the Holy Land. A personal assistant will keep you informed of activities and schedules, allowing you to relax and enjoy the sights, sounds, culture and history of this incredible region.


A tailored approach ensures that your trip encompasses your interests perfectly, with luxury travel and the very best accommodation that the Holy Land has to offer. We provide a discreet, professional solution that delivers both the service standards you expect and access to the sites, events and activities that you desire.


From VIP airport services to bespoke check-in at hotels, we ensure your privacy, creating seamless travel experience that gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the trip. Careful planning leaves nothing to chance, ensuring your tour of the Holy Land is memorable and enjoyable.


Contact us and talk to our professional tour advisor and Learn more about the VIP tour options available at AJET Israel


Recomended VIP Offers


Our VIP services are always tailored to meet your specifications, and we prioritize your interest and comfort at all times



     Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee, Haifa, Tel Alive and More

   6 days - 5 nights


     Israel's Archeological Sites, Museums, Yad Vashem and More

   4 days -3 nights



     Eilat, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ceaserea and more

   5 days - 4 nights