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Give the Gift of a Lifetime!

Give your loved ones the gift of traveling to the Holy Land! 

What a better way of expressing your gratitude or appreciation than giving 'Gift of Travel' a trip to the Holy Land. The Holy Land and Jerusalem travel is the perfect gift to give your mother, father, family members, friends, or loved ones. Make their dream come true to travel to the Holy Cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem! Accompany your family to the Holy Land or leave them in our care. We take care of your family and loved one and make them feel at home while they are in Israel.






Our staffs has seen the happy smiles and happy tears of many mothers who were gifted a Holy Land trip. A gift that you can fulfill and they can live out their dreams. We are here to make that happen.



One of the most memorable types of gifts is one that creates memories that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to ensure that a memory is created for your Father with your loving gift of Holy Land travel.



It is everyone's wish to celebrate holidays where the event has taken place, and giving this gift to your loved one will be a part of their lifelong memories for a long time to come.



Israel is steeped in history. A trip to Israel is a rich historical experience that is important to Christianity. The romance of seeing these ancient sites with your new spouse enhances these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.



The surprise packages we design together with you are carefully and secretly planned so that your gift will fill them with awe and joy. Plan a surprise for your friends, family, and it will be one they will never forget.Isn't it exciting to meet them in the Holy Land without them knowing it?!


Package Never Expires

You can gift it now so your loved one can use it six months from now or five years from now, in case they can't travel today. Our Holy Land travel gift is therefore the ideal gift option for those who have a busy schedule.


For Every Budget

You can select from a variety of different tour packages that suit your budget, whether it's a private tour or a group tour. You can customize your gift to make it even more personal and cost-effective.



Flexible Packages

We take care of every aspect of the process, from the immigration to their flight. That means you are gifting them a stress-free and flexible travel-planning experience.  Personalize your gift by adding your own touch.

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