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Thousands of African congregations, pastors, and church leaders throughout Africa and the Diaspora rely on and value our services for their Israel tours.



Our secret is that we simply Understand the Needs

We Make It Simple For Africans and Diaspora To Visit Israel


Our company's mission is to provide Holy Land tours that are affordable and easily accessible to Africans from Africa and in the Diaspora.


AJET Israel provides immense support and benefits to Church leaders organizing Holy Land group tours. An Israel visit shouldn't be complicated or drain your bank account. Use our free consultation for Afrodescents.



Afro communities, churches, and individuals can benefit from stress-free travel so that their efforts can be concentrated on enriching their souls. Also, we foster connections between world diaspora and their loved ones in Africa.

African customers call our CEO "our man in Jerusalem"!

As our CEO is of African descent, we earned that distinction by catering to people of African descent with special care, respect, and professional services.

Services We Offer To Africans

Africa Church Group Tours


Throughout the process, we develop an itinerary unique to your interests and to the needs of your Church. On this spiritual journey, we make sure your Church groups are happy and that you are rewarded for your leadership. As a leader, you travel for free.

Afro Diaspora Tours


We offer a great deal of travel services to the African diaspora churches and communities to visit Israel on pilgrimage or for leisure. Our packages are affordable and can be customized to meet your needs.


Africa & Diaspora Connect Tours


Families, relatives, and friends of those in Africa can meet in Israel with their loved ones in the diaspora through our program. Arrangements will be made for your family members from Africa to travel to the Holy Land if you give them the gift of a lifetime, and spend an incredible time together.

Afro VIP Tours


Tour the Holy Land in comfort! From VIP airport services to bespoke check-in at hotels, we ensure your privacy, creating seamless travel experience that gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the trip. Careful planning leaves nothing to chance, ensuring your tour of the Holy Land is memorable and enjoyable. 

Afro Conference & Events


African descents are benefiting from our expertise to hold cost-effective and highly productive events in Israel for their Church, communities, and business sectors, as we have hosted thousands of events, conferences, and meetings since our inception.

Africa-Israel Medical Tourism 

There are quality medical care in Israeli hospitals that is better than in many countries in the world, while the price may be much lower than in Europe and the US. AJET assists you in combining your medical trip to Israel with a holy site tour while getting the right treatment.

We offer B2B for Travel and Tour Agents in Africa and the Diaspora.



How To Plan An Effective Holy Land Tour

How to start?


To start planning your tour or pilgrimage to Israel, start by considering the following suggestions:


1. When to Start Planning?


We recommend to plan six months in advance—though, if you are new to organizing tours, the ideal time is nine months in advance to plan, promote, and generate interest, as well as for your community, church, and friends to make plans for vacation time and finances. To achieve your goals, plan far enough in advance so that your departure deadline doesn't interfere with your plans.


2. Travel Dates

Choose your approximate travel dates considering the season. The season can affect your tour price. Generally the seasons are as follows:

·         Low Season:

November 20 - February 28 (winter time)

·         Regular Season:

March - May and September - November 20

·         High Season:

July - August (the hot season)

·         Peak Season:

Jewish Holidays, Easter and Christmas

3. Group Size

A minimum of 15-20 tour members is needed for a group. However, we can price tours for groups of any sizes. A small group can greatly affect the price. There is a possibility for small groups to join another group to be cost-effective. A strong marketing campaign is necessary for promoting your Israel tour to maximize your group size. For Christian leaders, we offer an excellent tool kit, which includes sample letters, promotional flyers, power point presentations, videos, banners, etc. for your use.

4. Hotel Accommodation

Hotel star system does not fully exist in Israel yet. Hotel rating begins with Superior Deluxe (5*) category, Superior (simple 5*), first class (4*) and finally Tourist class (3*). Religious accommodation / pilgrim houses are a cheap and comfortable option to consider. Location of the hotel will vary the price. Hotels that are located close to the center or with special view are most costly. The same is true for Tiberias and Tel Aviv hotels.

5. Itinerary & Special Requests

We provide you with sample itineraries for your consideration. Consider how many days you would like for your complete tour package (allow 2 days for travel), how many touring days and if you would like to offer some free days to your participants. Additions: a farewell dinner or a night show/night tour in Jerusalem/ or any special interest features you may feel could be of importance. Meetings with local communities and private Masses.


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